Upon opening the app for the first time, users are met with slides that quickly inform them of what to expect, and what is expected of them from using this social space.
Here we have samples of a user's profile page, friend's profile page, and friends list.
An integrated flashcard game called "Micro/Macro". The user is presented with an example of a microaggression. They are asked to choose whether or not it was designed to be harmful or was done out of blissful ignorance. The flashcards are a tool that would guide existing or new users to make better decisions in their interactions on the app, other platforms, and in the outside world.
There are a limited number of flashcards that any user can receive a day. And they earn progress towards a level that appears on their profile based on the cards they answered correctly and other activities that they perform on the app.
This is a discussion board section where users can share their experiences in the most detail, ask questions or simply socialize.
At the top of the Discussion section, there are "popular discussions" slides which create spaces that tackles different topics. It also helps to familiarize users with the idea that aggressions can happen anywhere and to anyone.
The Glossary includes quick guides and information about microaggressions. It also gives users the ability to search key phrases that best relates to their situations.  
Snubz has an Instagram presence for visibility and to promote how life changing it is to be surrounded by people that know these issues exist.
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